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Dockbot v3.15

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Dockbot is a Groupme bot that automates (to a certain degree) coordination of World Domination battles in Gree Modern War (and similar team events in Crime City and Kingdom Age). It is an invaluable tool for the whole team that simplifies battle coordination, improves teamwork, and generally makes wars more efficient, directly resulting in gold savings and more points earned with the same team effort.

Dockbot provides the following functionality:

  1. Performs roll calls and keeps track of everyone's attendance (to help team leaders keep track of team effort and judge everyone's participation in wars easily).
  2. Automatically collects, records, organizes, and searches intel collected (no need to manually maintain tons of spreadsheets).
  3. Assists in targeting (no more scrolling through many lines of intel to find a good target to hit, no more missing good targets in Groupme chatter).
  4. Automatically shares intel with other participating teams in real-time!
  5. Provides text messaging between 2 bot-enabled opponents

Dockbot is a cloud-based service which requires no software downloads and works with any platform that can run a Groupme client (IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac). Dockbot is designed with simplicity in mind which allows all team members to use it with minimal training. Dockbot is NOT a game hack and it does not violate Gree ToS!

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User Manual

Dockbot utilizes 2 Groupme chat rooms per team: the War Room, where roll calls, intel management, and general battle coordination take place, and the Quick Target room, which locates best targets for players on individual basis. Most interaction with the bot happens in the War Room. Generally, you want all the members of you team in both rooms.

Bot Modes

There are 3 bot modes the bot can be in at any moment of time: Idle, Roll Call, and War. Bot commands differ in each mode. In Idle mode, the bot is inactive. The Roll Call mode, as the name indicates, is used to do a roll call before the war begins, it also records attendance and allows players to volunteer for specific roles (Scouting, Power Attacking the enemy defence leader, or hitting the Wall). The War mode is where most of the magic occurs: the bot searches for and automatically loads existing intel data, processes new intel from scouts and writes it to the database, shares it (if sharing is selected), and performs individual target assignments. The bot needs to be switched manually between modes: from Idle, the bot can go into the Roll Call state or directly into the War state. When Roll Call or War modes terminate, the bot returns into the Idle state. If you're not sure what state the bot is in, type "status". Type "help" to see a list of basic commands available in each mode.

Idle mode:

status : displays the current state of the bot and basic available commands
roll call : switches the bot into Roll Call mode
at war with Team_Name : immediately (bypassing Roll Call mode) switches the bot into War mode and starts live intel processing for the team specified
nextroll hh:mm : schedules Roll Call to start automatically after the specified time interwal. "nextroll cancel" cancels a previously scheduled roll call. (NEW)

Roll Call mode:

In this mode, the bot expects all available players to check in. Checkins are recorded by the bot, which allows easy tracking of active players at any moment of time, and also lets the bot produce attendance reports. Players need to check in by saying "here", "here can scout", "here can pa", or "here can hit wall" depending on their abilities. Roll call continues when the bot is switched into the War state, and players can still check in (late check in will be noted by the bot). Roll call resets when Roll Call or War mode is cancelled or times out and the bot switches to Idle state.

When first checking in, each player will be prompted to set his attack number using "myattack" command. This number is used by the bot to properly perform target assignments. This needs to be done only once, the bot will remember it. Later, this command can be used at any time in any bot mode to update stats, as they change. If a player has multiple accounts in the game, attack numbers for each active account should be specified, e.g "myattack 5.5M 650k 123k". Each account will be reported as a separate line in the list returned by "whoishere" command.

While a roll call is in progress, the following commands are recognized by the bot:

status: displays the number of players that have answered the roll call, their roles, and the team attack stats
here [can scout|can hit wall|can PA]: checks in a player. Players can toggle their roles any time after the initial check in by using the "no" modifier: e.g. "here no scout" removes the player from the scout list
away : removes a previously checked in player from the active player list. Type "here" to check in again: player roles selected earlier will be remembered, and attendance counter won't be incremented again.
whoishere: displays the list of all active game accounts followed by their attack stats
cancel: terminates roll call and switches the bot to Idle mode
at war with Team_Name: switches the bot to War mode and starts live intel processing for the team specified.
help: lists all available commands in this mode

War Mode:

After you have declared war in the game and got matched to a rival team, you need to switch the bot into the War Mode. In this mode, the bot processes intel and performs target assignments. Important: the bot expects the scouting reports to be in this specific format:

Name LVL DEF(k|M) [optional comment]

DEF number can represent thousands (when followed by a k with no space) or millions (when followed by an M) and have a decimal point.
Valid intel examples: "Alex 123 456k", "Sir Alex Rambo 224 2.54M", "Alex 250 55k bottom with clown wig"
INVALID intel examples: "Alex 123 456", "Alex 224 1.2 million"

To prevent false intel detection, avoid using patterns resembling intel in idle chat while in War mode. In fact, avoid idle chat in the war room.

There is no need to copy/save the intel manually. Al intel is kept in the database between sessions and reloaded the next time the same team name matches.

IMPORTANT: In order for it to work properly, always CONFIRM EXACT SPELLING OF RIVAL TEAM'S NAME as used in "at war with" command before scouting! If the name is mistyped, you will not see any existing intel entered under the correct name! To correct typos in the rival team name, just cancel out of the War mode and use the "at war with" command again, using the correct name.

For accurate enemy player tracking, scouts need to enter player names exactly as they appear in the list. Incorrect entries can be removed from the active intel list using "delete" or "scratchthat" commands at any time while in WAR mode.

Duplicate player names are allowed. Comments field is meant to specify additional identifying info, when needed. Please do not use comments for any other purpose.

When intel matches player's name that's already in the list, it can be treated as an update to existing record OR as a new record, depending on how much it differs. Fuzzy logic is at work here.

The bot will also recognize multi-line intel copied/pasted from elsewhere, as long as it's in the format the bot recognizes. Note: do not enter intel from other sources without verifying it first!

War Timer

The War Timer is a countdown clock that keeps track of the time remaining in the war, issues reminders before the war ends, and terminates War Mode automatically when the timer reaches zero. Since the bot has no knowledge when the war actually starts in the game, you need to manually sync the War Timer with the in-game timer by using the "timesync mm:ss" command anytime while in War mode. Syncing the timer allows the bot to issue accurate 5 minute and 2 minute reminders before the war ends.

All War Mode commands:

status: displays war status message
here: the same check in command as in Roll Call mode
whoishere: displays the list of all active game accounts followed by their attack stats
blitzroll: clears current roll call results and starts another roll call, while still remaining in War node. Useful for streaker teams.(NEW)
holdfire on/off: Toggles "Hold Fire" announcement in War Room and Target Rooms. Useful for streaker teams.(NEW)
PA done: records one Power Attack against the enemy Defense Leader in player's attendance record wall Nx done: records N wall hits, where N is the number of hits performed intel: displays the complete Live Intel data for the current rival team, sorted by level, highest to lowest
alphaintel: same as "intel", but the output is sorted alphabetically by name. Useful for finding and filling in gaps in existing intel.
defintel: same as "intel", but the output is sorted by defense stats. Useful for finding targets in BtD with the recently updated respect points calculation algorithm where target's level is irrelevant, but the ratio of your opponents defense to your attack matters.
targets: displays the condensed target list: only the HIGHEST level targets with the LOWEST defense.
scratchthat: quickly removes each scout's last piece of intel entered.
delete PlayerName lvl def: removes a specific piece of intel from the list. Use it to correct typos.
timeleft Reports the time remaining in the current war.
timesync mm:ss Sets the War Timer to a specific value. Use it to sync the War Timer with the in-game timer.
cancel: terminates the War mode and puts the war into Idle mode.
help: a list of all available commands in this mode
oldintel [age]: With no arguments, displays the latest archived Historical intel available for the rival team. When an argument is specified, displays a specific intel list from X events ago.
intelnote any text: adds a short text annonotation to the intel table in use. Any existing note will be overwritten. To delete a note, use "intelnote delete".
modlog: Displays the modification log for the intel table in use including the full name of the opposing team, war duration, and the number of records added, deleted, and updated during each session. Use this command if you suspect the intel has been tampered with!
tracerec Name Lvl Def: prepend any record in the current intel table with "tracerec" to find out who exactly created it. Use it if you come across any bogus intel.
listdel: shows all the records deleted from the current intel table(NEW)

Please be aware that deleting intel on your own team (or your allied team) or polluting the shared database with fake intel is against our rules. We reserve the right to terminate OpenIntel database access to any team which is found to manipulate shared data in a malicious manner, and/or ban individual Groupme users from using the bot. Please report any incidents of missing or bogus intel to (make sure to include the info collected by 'modlog' and 'tracerec').

The Quick Target Room:

While the bot is in the War mode, players can use this channel to obtain individual target assignments, which are typically the highest level targets from the intel table currently available that each player can beat with his attack. This is especially useful for players on the move who need to place hits quickly, and at the same time it prevents the War Room from being flooded with targets for individual players. There are no specific commands there: anything typed in this channel is considered a request for a target.

In MW, CC, and KA the bot displays 4 types of targets:

HI CONF: this gives a higher than 20% margin of safety between player's attack and target's defense numbers for almost guaranteed wins.
MED CONF: margin of safety between 10% and 20%
LOW CONF: less than 10% margin
PA only: targets that are likely to be beat only with a power attack.

In other Gree games, including LAW and BTD, the bot displays only High Confidence targets with no safety margin, and Power Attack targets. The bot does not take your attack bonuses/boosts into consideration.

Note that Gree is currently in the process of tweaking the algorithm that calculates the points you receive from attacking opponents. As a result, the targets suggested by the Quick Target room may not necessarily be the best for you, and if the points you get from attacking recommended targets are below expectations, some additional scouting to find a better paying target may be required. We will be updating the QT room algorithm when more information becomes available.

Additional commands, available in any mode:

attendance: lists the following attendance stats for each player: total roll calls answered, late check-ins, blitz check-ins, number of intel records submitted, wall hits, power attacks. This data gets automatically cleared before each new event opens.
warlog : displays the log of all wars your team has fought in the current event
Hint: to access your attendance and warlog reports after the event ends, turn Demo Mode off first
warnote any text: adds a short text note to your last war as visible in the war log. Use it to track scores, etc. To delete an existing note, use "warnote delete"
listintel string : Searches for live intel on teams matching the text substring specified. For example, "listintel gun" would match "The Original Gunners", "Gungun", etc.  Use it if you suspect a team you're facing might be in the database under a different name.
intel [Team Name]: with an argument, this command lists Live Intel data for a specific team. Note that there is a limit on the number of lookups on the teams you're not at war with.
listoldintel [age] [string]: Searches Historical Intel, where Age is a number from 1 to 9, and string is a substring to match.
oldintel [age] : lists Historical Intel matching specific team name and specific age.
findplayer Name [lvl def] : searches the Live intel database for the player specified, and returns matching players and their teams.(NEW)
myadr n : updates your adrenaline counter (BTD only).
listadr : displays current adrenaline counts for all team members (BTD only)
resetadr : clears all team adrenaline counters(BTD only)(NEW)
demomode : Toggles Demo Mode (uses a separate database that can be used to practice). For safety, demo mode is enabled automatically during the time between scheduled events but can be turned off if you do need to look up real intel. Always make sure Demo Mode is off before starting a real war!!!
about: prints out the information about your bot instance, your billing status, and a link to this document

The Commlink

When the bot detects that you are matched with another team that is also using the bot, it will establish a communication link between both bots, and notify both teams. While the commlink is up, you can send short text messages to the other team, the bot will relay them to their war room! You can use this functionality to propose a tie, negotiate a cease fire, or simply talk trash to each other. The commlink stays up even after a war ends, up until the moment one of the teams starts a new war.

There are 3 commlink commands avalable in any bot mode:

message any text here : sends a message
mute : stops receiving text messages in current commlink session
unmute : resumes receiving messages if muted earlier

Important: in order for the commlink to work, the team name set in your bot must match exactly with your actual team name as it appears in the game. If they mismatch, the bot will fail to detect a matchup and will not establish a messaging session. You can correct the team name known to the bot on the ordering page when purchasing credits.

Custom commands:

The bot allows you to program your own custom commands that provide simple predefined responses to specific triggers, similar to "easter eggs" that exist in the bot. The commands that you create are visible to your own team only.

newcmd (trigger text) response text : creates a new command. Note that command text must be enclosed in round brackets.
listcmd : displays existing custom commands
deletecmd (text) : deletes the custom command specified.

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Q: How does intel sharing work?
A: Dockbot with OpenIntel database provides automatic, real-time intel sharing with other Dockbot-enabled teams. While each participating team is separate Dockbot client with their own War Room and QuickTarget room where they can conduct their wars totally independently from each other, they all use the same shared intel database! As a result, as soon as one participating team scouts a rival team and enters their intel into the bot, this data becomes a part of the shared Live Intel set that's available to all other participating teams, fully automatically, without any need to use other sharing methods such as Google Docs. Shared intel will automatically load the next time any participating team battles a scouted team that's already in the database.

Q: Can we get access to shared intel while not sharing our own?
A: No. Sharing works both ways: by using Dockbot with OpenIntel database and accessing shared intel you also agree to share the intel that you collect with other teams who use the bot.

Q: Exactly how many teams are in there in the shared database?
A: Normally, at the end of each event, we count over 1200 MW factions, and over 600 CC syns and KA guilds contributed to each game's Live database.

Q: Can we input data that already scouted in bulk by copy and paste?
A: yes the bot will recognize multi-line input and process it properly as long as it's in the format that the bot understands, specifically: Name lvl def [optional comment].
Groupme message size limit applies.

Note: all imported intel becomes a part of the Live intel set. For this reason, never import outdated intel into the bot! Only import intel from the current event. Be very cautious when using intel from other intel sharing communities: do not import any records unless you've personally verified that they're accurate. You are responsible for accuracy of the data you put in, and this data is traceable back to you. See the note on Live and Historical intel below.

Q: What's the difference between Live and Historical intel?
A: Live intel is what you and your allied teams that share intel with you collect in the same team event. This intel is considered trusted and is used by target assignment algorithms: "intel" and "targets" commands, as well as the Quick Target function use this data set.

Historical Intel is the data from earlier events. Because of the dynamic nature of the game, this data can no longer be considered valid: during the time between the events, players improve their stats, level up, change names, move between teams... however, historical intel can still be useful to facilitate scouting as player stats tend to grow more or less proportionally: you will probably find that you can still beat many of the earlier good targets, and the targets that were too strong the last time didn't get any weaker with time. Historical data can be displayed by "oldintel" command, but it's not getting automatically reused for targeting! You are supposed to confirm the old targets of interest by scouting them again, and only then they become a part of the current Live intel set. Historical data also can not be edited or renamed. It is there for your reference only. After the event ends, current Live data set gets archived and becomes a part of the Historical data set. Each new event is started with a blank Live intel set, which gets populated as you and your allies scout rival teams.

Q: The event has started but the bot says there is no live intel available on teams we're matched with! Where's the intel? I thought there would always be intel and we would never ever have to scout?????
A: Remember, the Live Intel database is started from scratch with each new event, and the data doesn't just magically appear in it: it gets contributed by all participating teams as the event progresses. Expect to have to scout in the first hours of the event. You will get more hits on existing intel as the time goes on and more data accumulates. Note: intel availability may vary and depends on the total number of participating teams, current progress of the event, your current ranking, and random factors. Generally, the higher you rank the better intel availability is simply because most bot users are higher-ranked teams. That being said, if your team ranks at least in top 500 for MW and in top 250 for CC or KA, your intel availability should be good. At the same time, if you're ranking in the top 1000-2000 range, chances are, intel will be sparse simply because there aren't too many lower ranked teams using the bot and contributing the data in that range. Set your expectations accordingly.

Q: What's the best way to enter intel on a same name team?
A: Specify each player's position and any additional identifying info as comments:

Alex 124 100m DL
Alex 200 5m #7 between Sir and Rambo
Alex 247 4.2m #25 (4th from bottom)

Note: due to differences in player list handling between IOS and Android MW clients, order might be off by 1 position.
Important: do not specify position as a part of the name, use comments! Enter the name exactly as it appears in the game. This is necessary for findplayer command to work properly.

Q: What's the best way to find intel on a team with special symbols or characters from other languages (Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, etc) in their name that we can't enter on our keyboards? (NEW)
A: 1. Use the listintel command first to search for any alternative spellings of the name
2. Use the findplayer command to search the Live Intel database for teams that contain a specific player: just search for any uniquely named player on the rival team. If multiple matches are returned, search for a different player. If the rival team does not have any uniquely named players, you can specify their level and defense to narrow down the search. It takes only a couple "findplayer" searches to identify any team that's already in the database regardless of the spelling of their name!

findplayer Sir Docksalot
findplayer Alex 249
findplayer Alex 249 110m

Once you have the team name, you can copy&paste it to use with at war with... and intel commands.

Tip: search for the rival defense leader first: chances of him being already scouted are higher!
Note: the match on the player name is always exact. Matches on level and defense are fuzzy to allow for some stats variation: e.g. "findplayer Alex 300 110m" would also match Alex 298 100m.

Q: What if we come across some bad data in the current intel file?
A: 1. First of all, make sure it's the right intel table for the team you're facing!!! There is a number of similarly named teams in the game. Sometimes, it leads to confusion. Double check the spelling of the name, and see if the data you're looking for exists in the database under a different name using the "findplayer" command.

2. If you're positive this is not a case of mistaken team identity, please delete/correct the inaccurate records as a courtesy to other users of the bot! Remember, you are responsible for the accuracy of any intel table you use and leave behind, and the name of your team will be visible to anyone in the modification log. Before you delete the bad records, you can use "modlog" and "tracerec" commands to find out who exactly created them. If you believe the modifications was malicious, take screenshots of the bad intel, and report the incident to so we can investigate.

Q: What do arrows in intel list indicate?
A: The arrows indicate recommended targets of interest. If a record doesn't have an arrow next to it, this means that there are other targets with higher level and lower defense that you can probably beat more easily and for more points. These are the same targets that the "targets" command returns.

Q: Can I change my Groupme name without losing my stats and having to reenter my attack numbers?
A: Yes, you can change your name at any time. The bot tracks players by their unique Groupme IDs, not by names.

Q: Why does the Quick Target room continue giving out targets after I have canceled the war??
A: This is a feature, not a bug. When you're running back-to-back battles, you can cancel out of the War State in the bot and start a new roll call a few minutes before the actual war ends in the game. Meanwhile, the QT Room will continue assigning targets from the last active intel set for the players who wish to place last minute hits before the war ends in the game.

Q: I have two accounts in the game. How do I check in twice during a roll call?
A: You only need to check in once. However, you should tell the bot you have two player identities: if you specify two arguments for the "myattack" command (e.g. "myattack 5m 567k"), the bot will know you have two accounts and will be able to properly assign them separate targets in the QT room. Additionally, you can volunteer for multiple roles when you check in: for example, if you want to scout with one account and use the other one for power attack, you should check in by saying "here can scout pa".

Q: How can I train my teammates in bot usage without messing up the existing intel database?
A: At any time, you can enable Demo Mode by typing "demomode on". This command switches the bot to our Demo database, where you can practice entering intel, adding and deleting records safely. Please do not enter any real intel on any real teams into the Demo database! You can exit the Demo Mode by typing the "demomode off" command. Don't forget to turn Demo Mode off when you're ready to battle!

Q: Does the bot track/share general chatter with the creator?
A: In order for the bot to work, everything typed in each room where the bot is active is passed to the bot to inspect for commands/intel. The bot logs all bot commands for troubleshooting purposes. This info is considered confidential and is not shared with anyone. In any case, it's always a good idea to avoid general chatter in your War Room: use it only for battle coordination and interaction with the bot, and have a separate Groupme channel for other communications.

Q: where and how is the data stored?
A: The data is stored in an SQL database that resides on a secure private server.

Q: who has access to the database?
A: Only the creator of this bot has access to the intel database.

Q: Does the bot feed our stats to your own team???
A: No. The bot never asks for your players' levels and defense stats, therefore the data you enter on your team is of a rather limited usefulness. However, once you get legitimately scouted by any team that has the bot and participates in OpenIntel project, you're fair game :)

Q: So OpenIntel database is editable by anyone? What prevents someone from deleting intel on themselves or entering bogus data into the OpenIntel database?
A:Yes, anyone can correct or delete data in the shared database. While we can easily prevent teams from deleting/updating data put in by other teams (as easily as uncommenting one line of code), we find that there is more value to the community by keeping access totally unrestricted, so the data can be updated when needed and any inaccuracies can be easily corrected by anyone.

That being said, all 'at war with' and 'delete' commands are being logged, and every intel record in the database carries scout's identity as a part of the metadata. There are other security measures as well. As a result, we are able to flag suspicious activity, easily investigate reports of inaccurate or missing intel, and trace bad data back to a specific Groupme user who put it in (and his team). We reserve the right to terminate OpenIntel database access to any team which is found to manipulate shared data in a malicious manner, and/or ban individual users from using the bot.

Q: Our team is using Parlingo/Line/KakaoTalk. Does the bot work with messaging apps other than Groupme?
A: No. Groupme is the only messaging app known to us that supports 3rd party bots.

Q: How much does this service cost?
A: Our standard price is $25 per team per event which generally translates to $.50 per member or less! You can make a secure payment via Paypal (credit and debit cards are accepted even if you don't have a Paypal account)

Q: How can we check out the bot in action before we buy?
A: A fully functional bot demo is now open to the public. Feel free to use the links below to join both demo rooms, and then give the bot a spin! Please do not post any real intel on any real teams in the demo channel.
Dockbot Demo: War Room
Dockbot Demo: Quick Target room
If you need a guided tour of the bot, please ask in our Support room, and one of our reps will assist you.

Q: How do I buy the service for my team?
A: If you're new to the bot, please join our Support or Demo room and ask for help: one of our representatives will install the bot for you, show you how to use it, and answer all your questions.
If you're already familiar with the bot, you can use our self-installation portal. Follow these steps *exactly* to ensure smooth activation:

  1. Create 2 new Groupme rooms. Name them [TAG] War Room and [TAG] Quick Target Room, where [TAG] is your team's abbreviated 3- or 4-letter tag.
  2. Proceed to Dockbot Self-Installation Portal
  3. Authenticate to Groupme
  4. Carefully fill in the activation form:
  5. If you're having a problem activating the bot in the previous step, please join our Support room on Groupme, and someone will assist you!
  6. After you have verified that your bot instance is up and running in your rooms and the settings reported by "about" command are what you expect, follow the link to your personal ordering page and use this page to purchase event credits. They will be automatically added to your account, and the bot will unlock (access to the live OpenIntel database will be granted only when your credit balance is positive, until that moment the bot will be restricted to the Demo database).

Important: do not send any money to anyone before you get your bot! We NEVER require an advance payment before activation. Only use the link produced by the bot to pay for the service.

If you need assistance activating the bot, do not wait until the last day before the event to request help!!! Due to the number of last minute requests that we get, there is no guarantee that you'll get the bot in time for the war. You would also want to allow a few days for your team to practice and get comfortable with bot operation in demo mode, before the war starts, so please do not delay.

Q: How do I renew the service? Do you do recurring billing? Is it hard to cancel the subscription?
A: There is no subscription and we will not automatically charge your credit card! Our approach to billing is "pay as you go". To renew the service, simply purchase more event credits when you need them using the ordering page (type "about" in your War Room to obtain the link). For smooth processing, do not send direct Paypal payments to any of our email addresses: use only the ordering page to renew the service. Any person on your team can make a payment when needed - not only the person who initially purchased the service.

Q: What exactly are event credits and how do they work?
A: One event credit allows you to use the bot for the duration of one 3-day event that occurs every few weeks at Gree's discretion. 24 hour events cost 1/2 a credit. After the event completes, your credit balance is automatically decremented. You will then be able to purchase additional credits for future events using the ordering page. The credits you purchase will we automatically added to your account as soon as your payment clears. You can check your credit balance and obtain a link to your ordering page at any time by using the "about" command in your war room. Please remember to keep e-mail receipts for all your purchases!

Q: I purchased a credit but the bot still shows 0 credits! Help!
A: Are you sure the payment has actually cleared? Please check your Paypal history first to make sure the status of your payment is "completed", and not "processing" or "on hold". If you do see it as "completed", and still see no credits in the bot, please contact, including your Bot ID and your Paypal receipt, and we'll investigate.

An important note on Paypal funding methods: while instant payments normally clear and get credited to your account within minutes, payments by eCheck take several days to clear! If you have to pay by eCheck, please make sure to make your payment at least 10 days before the event!

Even if you've made an Instant payment, Paypal may sometimes place it on hold for a security review, delaying processing (this seems to happen more often to our international customers). This is why we strongly suggest that even Instant payments be made at least 24 hours before the next scheduled event to avoid surprises!

Q: What happens if we don't pay?
A: If your credit balance is not enough to participate in the war, your bot automatically deactivates and will not work during the course of the event unless a payment is made. After the event completes, credit balance for inactive accounts will remain unchanged. You may then make a payment whenever you're ready to use your bot again. Important: do not destroy your rooms if your team is just skipping an event, but still intends to use the bot in the future: deactivated bots can be automatically reactivated at any time simply by making a payment, but once your rooms are destroyed, the bot associated with them is gone permanently and will have to be manually re-created from scratch!

Q: I'm trying to pay but my card won't go through! Why?
A: We have absolutely no access to your credit card info (this is a good thing). All payment processing is done by Paypal. Please contact Paypal support.

Q: Our team was going to sit this war out but we changed our mind. The war is already on, can we still pay for the bot and use it?
A: Yes, the bot will activate as soon as your payment clears, and you will be able to use this bot for the remainder of the event.

Q: Rather than create new rooms, can we just add the bot to our existing rooms?
A: Yes, however we strongly suggest that the rooms be owned by the same person who requests the bot (ideally, the leader or one of the officers). This is to avoid surprises when the original room creator leaves the team and destroys the rooms, leaving the bot in limbo.

Q: I paid for X credits but I'm changing teams now. Can I transfer my unused credits to my new team's bot?
A: Yes we can transfer unused credits at the request of the person who paid for them. Please contact Support and provide the ID of the bot you want to transfer credits to and the Transaction ID from your Paypal receipt as a proof of payment (you have your receipt, right?).

Q: How do we update our faction name in the bot?
A: Simply enter the new name when purchasing credits on the ordering page, it will be updated automatically. If you already have credits on your account, please contact Support, we'll update the name for you.

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Q:How do I obtain support/submit bug reports/get answers to general bot related questions?
A: Join the official Dockbot Support channel on Groupme! This is the fastest way to get support.
Alternatively, you can email Make sure to include your Customer ID and bot tag in your email (you can obtain this info by typing 'about' in your war room).

Also, visit our Facebook page for release notifications and important announcements!

Note: the latest version of this document is always available here

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